Aaron Gorelik

Birthday Psalm
He obscures my view
of the beeches

on the Amtrak Acela.
“Now that’s beauty.” “The highway’s prettier,”

he replies. Who cares
where? A new place I recall somehow.


The past has grown.
One might call it a goal.


I have come to you
as I have come before.

How have you come to me
without my permission?

I am powerless not to appear,
duration after duration,

gingham thudding off the bolt,
ermine caressing my cheekbones.

Calmly, I Prepare
Calmly I Prepare

Aaron Gorelik teaches high school English in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He completed his MA and PhD at UCLA before earning an MFA at Boston University. His poems have appeared in LIT, Sphere, and Westwind as well as received several awards, including the Academy of American Poets’ Fred Weld Herman Memorial Prize, a Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award, and a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship.