Caseyrenée Lopez

the gay atheistic beloved
i, a lover of men and women,
meandering before a high
altar, safe in the crumbling tower—
orphaned in self-denial,
left with the obvious absurdity
of god himself,
over respectability
and renegade ambitions,
my delusions gave no
comforting superstitions—
the age of reason
was laughable,
philosophy of the
gilded world
always lustrous
and fashionable
my beliefs thrived
and dazzled crowded ballrooms
and i, a naive and
preposterous blundering,
heretic bastard, bitterly
consigned to eternal flames
Source text/word remix: The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice, pgs 310-311 (1998).

Caseyrenée Lopez is an editor, educator, and poet. They have two full-length collections of poetry, the new gods (Bottlecap Press) and i was born dead (Black Magic Media), forthcoming in 2018. Follow them on Twitter @caseyreneelopez.