Hannah Cohen

Lines Composed for My Unrequited Crush
How you are water
droplets before touching
The red distance
of radio towers above us.
My days a rat king.
The ocean without sleep.
Well, this is how I want you:
an atlas of nations losing names.
Hands unholding.

The Yellow Blues
After Natalie Diaz
I am expelling the unwanted
rainbows. I am breaking demons.
I am a deity of the rivers moving under
bridges. I am freedom from air. I am a fountain
in a ghost town. I am a new moon leaking.
I am a place where negative space meets
positive. I am forcing out the nightmares.
I am a strange watering hole. I am a fractured jar
of dirty tears. I am a reverse Venus de Milo.
I am off-nirvana. I am not that girl. I am forcing
this next round of reincarnation. I am musical
in the dark husk of tomorrow.

Hannah Cohen lives in Virginia, and received her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She is currently a contributing editor for Platypus Press. Her poetry chapbook Bad Anatomy is forthcoming from Glass Poetry Press in February 2018. Recent and forthcoming publications include Glass, Occulum, Cease, Cows, Yes Poetry, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and elsewhere.