Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Civil War Doctor
Dear Martin,
sew up any wounds lately?
of course you have a dew drop
smile and a twinkly curiosity
about the body,
an oiled hair part,
you wall of a mustache man.
Pick me some pansies
that’s for thoughts Ophelia whispers
from under swamp weeds.
Her longing bleeds through my corset.
She saw the writing on the wall.
I know you are in love with Millicent Snow.
Even the name frosts over window panes
so condensation drips down my chest.
I cannot heat you from afar
maybe I wasn’t meant to burn.
St. Martin of the fields,
Martin of picked strawberries
Martin liquor up
cut em up
saw em off
hang the prosthesis up to dry.
Martin says yes we can,
Martin says take a swig of this.
It’s always Martin’s time,
but not anymore.
Don’t bother knocking
the locksmith comes in a fortnight.

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens is the author of two full length poetry collections (Yellow Chair Press and Stalking Horse Press). Her chapbook Dixit: Every Picture Tells a Story, or The Wrong Items is forthcoming from White Knuckle Press in 2017 and She Came Out From Under the Bed (Poems Inspired by the Films of Guillermo del Toro) is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. Recent work is at Lime Hawk, concis, decomp, and Inter/rupture. Visit: