J’Sun Howard

Ikebana (or how to rearrange regret)
depetaled myself here
a bouquet of chrysanthemums
still life, a welcome
proud without a future
scent will disintegrate
memory keeps me a gesture
(of his want)

How to Catch Moonlight
for Kamal James
find an unnamed ocean
stand in front of him
listen to his celestial vernacular
tiding in his waves
(in your next life, you’ll know what he said)
close your eyes
open your mouth
you won’t taste his salt
he won’t be a god
nor a father who finally decided to care
he’ll drown you
so you must surrender
when you wake
you’ll understand he
could only hold
& treasure

J’Sun Howard is a dancemaker and poet living in Chicago, IL. His work can be seen in The Body, Manifold, Bird’s Thump, 3rd Language, Chicago IRL, Danspace Project’s Constellations and Influences, Inkwell, Garland Court Review, and Storyglossia.