Kai Coggin

Paris Accord
I asked a glacier
how she was feeling about all this
and she just shrugged
cold shoulder
before it fell into the sea

it’s dark
where I am
a poem feels
written at night
when the world outside
is more frog sound than bird
is this valley a city
of our own
sky scraping trees
the traffic hum of car-
dinals finch robin thrush the rush
of only wind through leaves not bodies
leaving home getting to point A and
be alone for a minute
in the silence
of the country inside you
there is peace to be had
there is quiet
in all the noise
there are still places
where you can see the stars at night
without even trying
today we discovered
japanese honeysuckle
is spreading its red vines
has twined and swirled
around blackberry brambles
the thorny and wild overcome
with sweet scented delicate golden birdlike blooms
fragrance catching the wind
let them invade we say
let them take us both
we surrender
to beauty
any chance we get

Kai Coggin is a queer Filipino-American poet living in the valley of a small mountain in Hot Springs National Park. She received her BA in English, Poetry, and Creative Writing from Texas A & M University. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Assaracus, Blue Heron Review, Lavender Review, Yellow Chair Review, and others. Kai is the author of PERISCOPE HEART (2014) and WINGSPAN (2016), as well as a spoken word album called SILHOUETTE (2017). Her poetry has been nominated twice for The Pushcart Prize, as well as Bettering American Poetry 2015, and Best of the Net 2016.