Matthew Borczon

in the
front seat
my oldest
daughter tells
me about
her dream
the boyfriend
is back
and it’s
going good
until she
realizes she’s
dreaming her
tears on
the front
seat show
me she
didn’t know
and I
want to
speed down
these rain
soaked streets
fast enough
to move
time to
put distance
to memory
between pain
and her
I want
to take
her hand
say something
to make
some small
piece better
but I
don’t because
if there’s
one thing
I learned
about dreams
and ghosts
in my
years since
the war
it’s that
they come
and go
as they
please if
they ever
leave at

is like
you won’t
ever be
good at
it if
you’re afraid
of your
own blood.

Matthew Borczon is a nurse and navy sailor from Erie, PA. He is the winner of the 2015 Yellow Chair Review chapbook contest for his book A Clock of Human Bones. His second book Battle lines is available for pre-order from Epic Rites Press. He has published widely in the small press scene including Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Yellow Chair Review, Dissident Voice, Anti Heroin Chic, Revolution John, as well as others. He works as a nurse and is married with 4 children. He refuses to let PTSD hold him down.