Patrick Trotti

Form Response
When I tell people that I’m Bi-Polar
and have an anxiety disorder
I get one of a few responses:
“Yeah I think I might have that because
I’m always having these moods
where I don’t feel like going to school or work
and then later on I’ll be all happy and shit
when I’m out with my friends.”
so have you ever been
locked up in a psych ward?”
“Have you ever
tried to kill yourself?”
“I understand.
My parents said that my grandma was crazy
but I never met her
because she died before I was born.”
Of course these are just the most used ones,
the basic templates.
There are other replies,
sometimes the worst answer isn’t verbal at all,
just a tilt of the head and a slow nodding
like the way one of my relatives makes at Thanksgiving
when they ask me what I’m doing now that I’m done with college.

Patrick Trotti is a freelance writer based in Rochester, New York.