Sandra Kolankiewicz

Here is Plenty
Is this the winter of my discontent,
the weather as warm as a cool day
in summer? For we’re into the story
now, no longer a theory; it’s a fight
to the death, which means life to the one who
survives. What shall I express about the
nature of trees’ changing, some beginning
to thrive in the heat, others unable
to adjust to the stress created by
an unknowable sky with its widely
accepted vapor trails as unquestioned
as the need for hope amidst too much. Here
is plenty, over there more than enough,
and beyond lies still all to be spared and
shared, parsed and harvested according to
a plan that makes sense to the birds building
nests low to the ground under a harsh sun.

Sandra Kolankiewicz has had poems accepted by London Magazine, New World Writing, Into the Void, Crannog, BlazeVox, Gargoyle, Prairie Schooner, Fifth Wednesday, and Per Contra. Turning Inside Out was released by Black Lawrence Press. Finishing Line Press has published The Way You Will Go and Lost in Transition. When I Fell, a novel with 76 color illustrations, is available at Web-e-Books.