Sarah Frances Moran

Las Jaras

El Catrín
Someone said I could be a dandy.
Tight dressed suit and handsome.
She likes the way my neckline’s clean.
I heard a song once that said a woman’s
always crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.
I spray that cologne she likes,
the ones that drives her wild.
I cut my long hair away then
I cut out my father’s dreams.
No flowing dress white wedding.
No fat-cheeked grandchildren to
take to the bar.
Machismo is this thing my culture knows well
but I decide I don’t need it in these clothes.
I decide that my father can keep it.
That I’ll gift him the mindset of
supper being ready when I get home
a house clean and tidy
complete and utter control
I’ll stick to opening doors and lighting candles.
Writing poems and hiding cards under pillows
with “amor eterno” written inside.
I’ll keep
Acceptance, love and tolerance
Mutual respect and smiles
My twisty in-between
I decide that I’m ok with the words
Dyke, Jota, maricon, y marimacha.
I decide that I alone make those words powerful.
She calls me pretty, cute, handsome sexy.
She likes me up and she likes me down.
She likes me in that button up shirt and Calvin Klein.
She tells me
Baby, you’re exactly how you’re meant to be.
That’s everything I need.

El Alacran
hold hands,
watch as fireflies
invite a dance in us,
watch as sparks light up darkness
we didn’t recognize.
Our hands become vines
& there’s entanglement.
We are of the Earth &
then the Earth is of us.
We are of the Water &
then the Water is of us.
I inhale the Sun &
You exhale the Stars.
You consume the Electricity &
I release the Lightning.
It is always bright between us.
They say you sting.
That as a water sign you rest
in the deepest depths and stir
oceans to typhoons in an instant.
They say this. But don’t see my strong back.
The way I swim the waves your currents
How together,
we’re the strongest sting.

Sarah Frances Moran is a queer latinx poet living in Texas. She’s navigating the terrain of her ancestors hoping to learn their songs. Her chapbook, Evergreen, released from Weasel Press this summer and her full-length collection, Pocha, is set to release in 2017 from ELJ Publications.