Shloka Shankar

Peace Is a Full Stop
The air is digestible,
twilight sets in.

I want to know exactly
how things get to be wrong.

Yours or mine,
there are no beginnings.
The pain pauses in its round
till the margin begins to give way
into whatever pocket
you were contemplating.
That’s the whole point—
to draw the sting out.
A backward way of becoming,
to be outside and inside
at the same time.
Standing still is also life.
A remixed poem/cento composed from the following poems by John Ashbery:
Anticipated Stranger
Boundary Issues
The Bungalows
By Guess and by Gosh
Chinese Whispers
Crossroads in the Past

Changing Circumstances
Discover daytime desires
divided by distance and death;
become blue beyond blue,
blind, bearing cawing cities.

Exchange fear for forgotten freedom.
Empty eyes dream a dream:

a grey, dark desert, birds;
full faces form far away
and cease falling forward—
fire flowing from blood.
A found poem composed from Chapter 1 of The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence. This poem is a tautogram that uses only the first 7 letters of the English alphabet.

We're the Untamed - acrylic on cardstock using a piece of cardboard (5 x 5 in.), digitally altered

We’re the Untamed

Acrylic on cardstock using a piece of cardboard (5 x 5 in.), digitally altered

'Woman, interrupted' - mixed media collage

Woman, interrupted

Collage composed from various magazine images and phrases

Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with Japanese short-forms of poetry, as well as found/remixed pieces alike. Her poems have most recently appeared/are forthcoming in Otoliths, Poetry WTF?!, Drunk Monkeys, Persephone’s Daughters, Carnival Horse, Shantih Journal, and so on. Shloka is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal Sonic Boom.