Soraya The Great

Because I Thought So
I went out and I felt like my skin fit and I could do this and maybe I wasn’t twelve feet tall but it was enough and nothing was stopping me.
A stranger stood next to me and I know that I know how to make conversation at least but then I worried about where I was supposed to look and how I stood and where the hell do one’s shoulders even go and am I slouching?
I felt the hot air on my skin and it all became stupidly clear that at some point I became stupid and I registered the ache in my knees and the dead weight of what used to my spirit
And I’m right
I can’t be
and I’ll never feel twelve feet tall
only I can’t figure out how much of it is because my hair is frizzy and how much of it is just because I told myself so.

When “have a good one,” is met with
“I like your jewelry,”
it’s not exactly difficult to
appreciate the joke.
If we call it that, we’re being generous.
This smile doesn’t mean you’re playing the game well
it means
this joke
is the butt of my afternoon.
If you think this makes me
a Bitch,
then you’ve never had
at the grocery store,
your place of business,
parking lots,
eat up your time.
Touch you without your consent.
Men who roll your name around in their mouths
wrestle the shape of it with their tongues
spit it out at you in a soggy heap
Asking, “did I say that right?”
They say the attention “should be” flattering.
You aren’t saying my name correctly,
but I’ll smile anyway.
I see your humanity,
even if you don’t see mine.
for taking the time to talk to someone
They say that’s very brave.
Forgive me
If I don’t see

Soraya The Great is a creator of things. When she isn’t composing poetry, she can be found stringing lyrics together with her band, Rosy Copacetic. When words need to be expressed, Soraya finds a way with color, shape, and anything she finds laying around. Catch more of her work on Instagram @TheExperimentHouse.